We Are Passionate About Your Child's Education

Call us for a tour of our school campus. 407-297-6995


Better Grades

Here at Lake Rose Christian Academy we hold our students to a higher standard of learning. We will provide one-on-one tutoring with students to help them excel in their studies.

We Care

In short, we care about each student and want you to see for yourself. Schedule a date and time that you and your child may be our guest for a campus tour.


We Communicate

It’s our prerogative to communicate to our students parents the successes of their child’s learning abilities. We inform you of your child’s goals so that you may be involved in their learning.

We Listen

We want to hear from our students and their parents. We strive to improve in every avenue as we have for over 15 years. Give us your input so that we may further your child’s education.

Call us at 407-297-6995 or click the button below to contact us for enrollment information or any other questions you may have.

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